PCS-GC Celebrate Israel REBOOT

Peoplehood (Greater Together)

Here in Greater MetroWest NJ, we live Israel every day! We’ve compiled this virtual celebration of Israel, including educational and entertaining videos, educational materials, and ways you can stay connected to Israel all year long through our Federation programming.

Yom Hazikaron in Their Eyes made by GMW Shlicha Danielle Konorti



Israel and Global Jewry in the Time of Covid-19: The Reut Group creates and scales innovative models that tackle critical challenges facing the State of Israel, Israeli society, and the Jewish world.

"Torah-Ntine" Jewish Learning for the Socially Distant! We're offering free online learning to help us all get through these crazy days” From- BINA The Jewish Movement for Social Change - Israel

The iCenter for Israel Education
“Together and Apart” The Future of Jewish Peoplehood - From the Shalom Hartmann Institute

Yahel - E-Learning “In Hebrew, Yahel means to illuminate. We believe that service learning can connect people, shed light on real life issues, illuminate personal journeys and promote social change. Yahel's volunteer programs are grounded in experiential learning and effective social action.”


Federation offers so many ways for you to engage and explore your own relationship with Israel. Among the offering for adults we offer Partnership2Gether opportunities to participate in a variety of people-to-people programs with our partners in the Negev, Federation Missions, and Birthright Israel. Teens can participate in programs like Diller Teen Fellows or the Israel Engagement Fellowship, as well as apply for Passport to Israel grants. And the whole family can engage in a meaningful way by hosting a rishon! Find out about these and other opportunities by visiting our Global Connections web page or following Global Connections on Facebook.

Israeli Tour Guide Lecture Series and Other Webinars

Federation's Global Connections and Missions teams partnered to bring you a series of six Virtual Israeli Tour Guide Lectures. For one hour, we transport you to Israel with some of Israel’s finest tour guides who accompanied us on our commUNITY mission!

Israel Tour Guide Webinar - May 4, 2020

Israel Tour Guide Webinar - April 30, 2020

Israel Tour Guide Webinar - April 27, 2020

Israel Tour Guide Webinar - April 23, 2020

Israel Tour Guide Webinar 4/20 - The Land of Israel Between 1897-1997 with Eli Parnassa

Meet Our Partners and Friends in Israel!

Our Federation is committed to maintaining the vibrancy and continuity of our people worldwide and to building meaningful connections, “living bridges” between our Jewish community and to our partners in Israel and around the world. To learn more about our Israel programs, click here!

Reut Institute Partnership

Praxis - Negev Now Network

Rishonim 17

Ramat Eliyahu Community Center Partnership

Pnina Agenyahu - the Ethiopian Perspective

Meet Our Rishonim

Rishonim are generally 18 to 19 years old spending their gap year between high school and army service here in Greater MetroWest, working mainly with children in day schools and Hebrew schools and living with host families. Though they are back in Israel, they created some lessons for us stay connected! Learn more about the Rishonim program here.

Making Shakshooka with GMW Rishonim 17

Israel in the Olympics - GMW Rishonim 17

Agriculture in Israel in Times of Struggle with Nadav Heller