August 9, 2023

Synagogue Social Worker

Part Time
Jewish Family Service of MetroWest
Livingston, NJ

Job Description
The JFS Synagogue Social Worker is placed at the synagogue for regularly scheduled number of hours per week, where they are available to provide the following:
• Consultation and training regarding mental health and social services perspectives to the Rabbi(s), Executive Director, Education Director, Program Director, Teachers or other clergy and the lay leadership of the congregation, to enhance their capacity to identify and responds to needs to congregants, as indicated.
• Assistance and guidance to designated synagogues committees, such as the Caring Committee, Bikur Cholim Committees, Social Action Committees, etc.
• Direct social work services for members of the Congregation that may include any or all of the following:
o Crisis intervention.
o Brief, time-limited counselling to identify problem(s) and facilitate connection to and intervention by the most appropriate JFS service or other community referrals, as indicated.
o Case management, advocacy, and research to access services.
o Information and referral.
o Organize an facilitate support groups (bereavement, caregivers, single parent, divorce, etc.)
o Organize and/or facilitate Jewish Family Life Education workshops and community education programming.
• Will attend Congregation and Agency Staff meetings, as needed.
• Will meet with agency supervisor, as needed.
o Will report monthly statistics of services provided to agency supervisor.

Skills Required
• Ability to communicate clearly, verbally and in written form.
• Ability to make home visits, as needed.
• Ability to operate a motor vehicle, as needed.
• Ability to handle stress without significant impairment to functioning.
• Ability to apply new learning to the practice environment.
• Ability to absorb new ideas and attitudes.
• Ability to form therapeutic relationships with clients and positive collegial relationships.
• Ability to organize and manage workloads.
• Ability to keep records.
• Familiarity with and sensitivity to Jewish identity (including its religious, ethical, cultural, and social values).

Required Qualifications
• Graduation from an accredited mental health master’s program (i.e., social work, psychology, counselling, marriage, and family therapy)
• New Jersey licensure (i.e., LSW, LAC, LCSW, LPC, LMFT)

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