Premier Event




Super Sunday

Super SundayFor years, the highlight of community participation has been Federation’s annual Super Sunday Phonathon. 1,000 people from the Greater MetroWest community volunteer their time to benefit social service and educational agencies locally, as well as help support services and programs in Israel and in 70 countries worldwide.


There is no better place for your firm to enjoy tremendous publicity and exposure! Super Sunday is heavily marketed throughout the entire Greater MetroWest community, and your firm’s name and logo will appear on all literature publicizing the event. We will offer you an exclusive booth or a strategic location at the event, where you can feature your product, hand out literature, and even have a representative on site.


We provide countless ways for your business to achieve maximum publicity among the huge outpouring from the community who attend this special all-day (11 hour) event.


*The Governor and many other state and local politicians and dignitaries are always in attendance to demonstrate their support. The “Premier Event” will provide your firm with tremendous visibility and recognition.


(*schedule permitting)