Women’s Philanthropy Announces Lions’ Leap Initiative to Fund Arad Reno

Women’s Philanthropy has announced a new initiative, The Lions’ Leap, to raise money for a much-needed renovation of the Arad Music Conservatory in one of our partner communities in the Negev. The project is being led by the community’s Lions of Judah, women who give $5,000 or more to the UJA Annual Campaign.

Arad has been a Greater MetroWest community partner since 1995. The Arad Music Conservatory was established in the 1970s in what was the first planned city in Israel. Over the years, musicians and artists have been drawn there for its natural desert beauty and clean, dry air. The Conservatory offers voice and instrumental lessons to a diverse group of students from all segments of the community. Its student body has grown from 67 students just five years ago to 170 today.

The Conservatory, once considered the jewel in the crown of Arad, is in desperate need of a major update. Its six classrooms are overcrowded, and the concert hall cannot adequately hold the entire school for performances. “Together, the generous women of Greater MetroWest will renovate the exterior, bring light and warmth to the interior, and allow the program to expand to 250-plus students,” says Lions’ Leap co-chair Abbi Halpern.

“The Lions of Judah are a driving force behind our Annual Campaign,” says Women’s Philanthropy President Jody Hurwitz Caplan. “The more than 400 Lions of Greater MetroWest are passionate about their philanthropy and about making our community – and the world – a better place through their generosity and leadership.”

The Lions’ Leap initiative is open to all women who want to breathe new life into the Arad Music Conservatory. Current Lions of Judah and other women who would like to become Lions can participate by either increasing their Lion-level gift by $500 or more, or by becoming a first-time Lion. The names of participants will be displayed prominently on a donor wall in the renovated conservatory. Of the funds raised through this initiative, $50,000 will be directed to the Conservatory project. All additional funds will go toward the 2019 UJA Annual Campaign, helping to care, build, and save lives in Greater MetroWest, in Israel, and around the world.

“It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we set our minds to something,” says Lions’ Leap co-chair Maxine Schwartz. “We are thrilled to work with the city of Arad on the modernization of this important cultural center. The Arad Music Conservatory serves as a safe place for students and their families as they grow and develop through music. Creating a bond between our New Jersey and Arad communities is of the utmost importance to Lions of Judah, and we are proud to do this through the Lion’s Leap.”

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