Important JCF Deadlines for Year-End Donations

A non-cash donation of stocks or mutual funds is a great way to support the UJA Annual Campaign, reduce your taxable estate by adding to a donor advised fund (DAF)*, or strengthen an annual campaign endowment. Individuals who are 70½ or older can also authorize an IRA charitable rollover to fulfill a pledge to Federation or support JCF. (IRAs cannot be used to fund a DAF.)

Please keep in mind that non-cash gifts can take longer to realize, due to the individual nature of each financial institution. We have compiled the following recommended guidelines to help you navigate the process for giving to Federation and JCF at year end. (Please note, our offices are closed on November 21 and 22 and December 25.)

December 3 – Deadline to initiate Gifts of Mutual Funds. Call Beverly Kestenbaum at (973) 929-3063 to get started.
December 12 – Deadline for DAF grant recommendation(s) for distribution in 2018. (Recommendations received after this date will continue to be processed, but may not be mailed until January 2018.)
December 14 – Deadline to initiate an IRA Charitable Rollover (for individuals who are 70½ or older). Call Beverly Kestenbaum at (973) 929-3063 to get started.
December 21 – Deadline to initiate Gifts of Stock. Call Elaine DeYoung at (973) 929-2998 to give to UJA, or Beverly Kestenbaum at (973) 929-3063 to give stock to a DAF, endowment, or as an outright gift to JCF.
December 28 at noon – Deadline for 2018 Credit Card donations to UJA and/or an endowment or DAF at JCF. Call (973) 929-3198 to charge a donation.
December 31Checks must be postmarked by December 31. Please confirm the hours of your local post office.

*Don’t have a DAF? Open one in 2018 and take a tax deduction for the entire gift, while reserving the right to make recommendations from your Fund to qualified charities (e.g. synagogue, alma mater, Federation) throughout the year. If you have any questions or concerns, contact JCF at (973) 929-3113 or