Sharing Our Love of Literature:
Arad-Greater MetroWest International Book Club

We’re excited to announce the next installment of our Living Bridge International Book Club which strengthens our connection with the city of Arad in Israel through our mutual passion for books. Book club members will read the same book, in English or Hebrew, and we will come together for a virtual discussion to get a better understanding of our common, as well as unique perspectives. Each meeting will begin with an hour-long preliminary educational session related to the selected book. Following are the selected books as well as meeting dates and locations:

Sunday, December 10: The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street by  Susan Jane Gilman. The book tells the story of the transformation of Malka Treynovsky from Vishnev to Lillian Dunkle, the Ice Cream Queen of America. Location: Aidekman Family Jewish Community Campus, Whippany 

Sunday, February 11: Katerina by Aharon Appelfeld. A unique story about a Ukrainian peasant who thinks she is the last Jew on earth. Location: B'nai Shalom, West Orange.

Sunday, May 6: Adjusting Sights by Haim Sabato. During the Yom Kippur War that breaks out in 1973, childhood friends Haim and Dov are called up together to serve in their tank battalion, but in the chaos of battle the friends are separated. A month later, Haim returns alone, on his first leave home. Struggling to come to terms with his experiences he wonders what happened to Dov during those fateful days. NEW LOCATION: Adath Shalom, Morris Plains.

To learn more about the Book Club and/or to have members of your congregation join us, please contact Randi Brokman at or (973) 929-3047.

The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street


Adjusting Sights