Our Diller Program Leads the Way in Satisfaction

Last year, we proudly shared the news that our Greater MetroWest Diller Teen Fellows program was ranked one of the highest worldwide based on a survey of the student participants. This year, we’ve done it again, this time based on a worldwide survey of participants’ parents. In fact, according to the parents, Greater MetroWest is the “most satisfied Diller community worldwide!” Runners up were Montreal, Pittsburgh, and Miami. And our Greater MetroWest parents had a 100% response rate, meaning that our #1 ranking is truly representative of the group’s experience. The report was issued at the end of program year (end of September 2019 and finalized earlier this month). In the program-wide survey, a total of 340 parents answered, representing 60% of the parents globally.

Here is a quick glance at global results:

  • 99% of parents are satisfied with the program (89% strongly agreed with this statement and 10% agreed)
  • 97% of parents would recommend this program to other parents (91% strongly agreed and 6% agreed)
  • 98% of parents felt that it was worth the investment their family made in order to participate in the program (financial investment, time, hosting, etc.) (88% strongly agreed and 10% agreed)
  • 97% of parents expressed high levels of satisfaction with staff performance (84% strongly agreed and 13% agreed)
  • 99% of parents felt the program was professional and well organized (83% strongly agreed and 16% agreed)
  • 95% of parents felt that Hosting a Fellow from another community was a meaningful experience for their family (71% strongly agreed and 24% agreed)
  • 95% of parents noticed a change in their teen as a result of their experience in DTF (socially, intellectually, etc.). (64% strongly agreed, and 31% agreed)
  • 98% of parents felt believe their child will actively seek opportunities that reflect values of the Diller Program in the next few years. (75% strongly agreed and 23% agreed)
  • 99% of parents felt they received appropriate and timely communications from/about Diller Teen Fellows. (85% strongly agreed and 14% agreed)


To read the complete summary of the report, click here.