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What Federation Means to Me…

Few organizations impact all ages of people in so many facets of life. It makes us unique and hard to define. We asked folks for their personal take. Their sentiments speak volumes.

“Federation brings together the good work of so many organizations, programs and people. It really gives families the context to be a community. It’s bigger than your synagogue congregation, than your local JCC, than the schools and camps we send our children. In many ways, it personifies the collective Jewish consciousness that stirs in us and we want our kids to understand.”

Rebecca Lavigne

Livingston, NJ

“Religion binds us, but it’s more than that. It’s that sense of connectedness to something bigger than yourself. It’s culture, the foods we eat, the Yiddish we use more than we realize, the stories we share of helping others, of hard work and dedication, of setting goals and reaching them. It’s the comfort that comes with it, that feeling of family, that safety-net that’s always there to listen and lend a helping hand.”

Dave Solomon

West Orange, NJ

Tell us what Federation means to you.

With the Greater MetroWest community being comprised of such diverse individuals, each with a unique perspective, we relish in the many ways we touch people’s lives.

“When it comes to giving to Federation, it’s a pleasure. I do it out of a sense of duty to my people. It’s the purest form of tzedakah I know. To share what I can give, knowing how much more others will receive gives me great satisfaction. Knowing I did my little bit of good, and then seeing how Federation supports seniors, especially those who don’t have anyone else to help them, that makes a Greater MetroWest.”

Ruth Melon

Morris Plains, NJ

“There’s Jewish values, living a life of purpose, putting good into the world, honoring family, and those who have come before us, honoring education and perseverance and courage in the face insurmountable odds. Having pride in our people and our history, in our traditions that have sustained us throughout time, upholding them and keeping them alive to pass on to the next generation and generations after that.”

Judy Harris

Cranford, NJ

“The funny thing about Federation is that it means different things to different people. Somehow it manages to be both broad and narrow at the same time, to support communities in Israel and right in our own backyard. Some people refer to it as the backbone of the Jewish community, I can understand that. It supports us in many ways, but I might say more the connective tissue.”

Steven Green

Whippany, NJ

“We have so many questions as teenagers, trying to figure out ourselves, trying to understand the world and our place in it. Federation doesn’t give you the answers, but it gives us reassurance. It helps us know that we’re going – and growing – in the right direction. I am more in tune to who I am and where I’m headed because of it.”

Rachel Kaplan

Basking Ridge, NJ