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The Jewish Community Study of Greater MetroWest NJ

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Why Now? A Message from our EVP and CEO, Dov Ben-Shimon

How large is our community?

Where does our population live?

How do we engage in Jewish life and connect with the Jewish community?

What are the needs of our community members, from the youngest to the oldest?

How many of us live in poverty or have unmet financial needs?

How do we connect to Israel?

Who We Are and Where We Live

As our Federation approaches its centennial year in 2023, we realized that we needed answers to these and other questions to gain a clear picture of the strong and vibrant Greater MetroWest Jewish community that continues to evolve.  So, we partnered with the Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies (Cohen Center) at Brandeis University to conduct a comprehensive community-wide study and get a clearer picture of our Greater MetroWest Jewish community (Click on the map for a breakdown of our community geography). 

We now begin the process of assisting the community in realizing the benefits that the study is intended to achieve. We look forward to the wide range of discussions, insights, and initiatives that will emerge from our collective review of the information and help guide us into the next decade.

To get the ball rolling, we held a series of targeted informational session for a deep dive into the community study.

Approximately, 29,700 children live in Jewish households
of GMW Jewish households have lived in the area for 20 years or more
56,800 Jewish households in GMW